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COLLARS : How-To's and FAQs



How to Fit a SLIP COLLAR

How to Fit a SLIP LEASH

Overview of the MS Chameleon III-B

Overview of the MS Chameleon III-B

Troubleshooting and Guidelines

How to CHARGE your COLLAR pt 1

Equipment: Rules of the Ecollar

1. If your dog is out of his crate, you both have on your “uniforms.” You are wearing your clicker, remote, and treat pouch, and he is wearing his training equipment. For the first couple weeks after go-home, this should include a leash he drags.

2. Prevent pressure sores and necrosis!

Your dog should only wear the ecollar 12-14 hours per day (NOT overnight!). While in the crate for naps/down time during the day, you can take the ecollar off (unless you’re working through crate issues; address these per your trainer’s instructions).

Move the ecollar to a new place on his neck every 4-6 hours.

3. Wet skin is soft skin! Move the collar more often and give more breaks from the collar until skin is fully dry.


● When does my dog wear his collar?

All the time except at night time or if unsupervised outside. They should NOT wear their collars during play time with each other.
Wear as much as possible, even if you do not have time to train, the dog should still be wearing all equipment. Put the collar on every morning and take it off at the very end of the night. The ecollar, the clicker, and your treat pouch are the foundations of your communication and training language with your dog!

● What if my dog is not wearing the collar and they misbehave?

Try not to give any commands if your dog has no equipment on. If we give a command and can’t

follow through then our dog learns they do not have to listen when they have no collar on.


● When can my dog stop wearing the collar?


It takes dogs 3 to 6 months for training to go into their long-term memory, and that is if you are 100% consistent during that time. Once your dog has had this consistency and they are performing the commands 90% of the time without a need for corrections then you can begin fading away from the collar. However, you can never go wrong simply having all your equipment all the time. Dog behavior is not static, and no matter how much training you do, your dog is ultimately a thinking individual that makes choices we can’t always predict! Our equipment keeps us able to respond to any situation that might unexpectedly arise.

How to CHARGE your COLLAR pt 2


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