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“I took my 6-month-old Mini Aussie, Rip, to Dog 4 Life for a 3 week boarded ‘education.’ He is a great dog with LOTS of enthusiasm with some determination (aka hard-headiness).  He needed a kind but firm hand to learn some manners.  I left a dog who jumped all over people and would come to me only if it was his idea.  Three weeks later after Adrienne worked her magic, I picked up the brand-new Rip!  He has great manners and happily obeys all of the obedience commands.” 

—Brenda Cardwell

“When it came to being outside, I was the last thing on her mind. Athena is also extremely playful with other dogs and knew no boundaries/respect for handler when a dog was nearby. This led to ignoring off leash recalls, pulling relentlessly sometimes, and unexpectedly lunging for dogs for a chance to play... Athena is the same dog, but just in control of her impulses, rather than being a slave to them! She is still that playful, spunky, prancing, brilliant, lazy GSD I love but is able to listen to & hold commands, knows boundaries, is reliable off leash, heels, recalls with excitement, and is overall a brighter eyed happier dog -- BOTH inside and out in public!“ 

—Dominique Martinez

All your questions answered, and your struggles resolved!

“Cooper was very energetic and most of the time pretended he didn't know his name. When I picked him up he was responsive, walked calmly on a leash, responded to commands. He is now a very well behaved puppy that no longer launches himself on to guests that come into my home.” —Sydney Olsen




• All dogs stay in a house (not a concrete kennel)


• They practice house manners and how to have calm indoor behavior on cue.

• Your dog will learn all obedience commands including Heel, Sit, Down, Place, Recall, Out/Leave It, and more. 

• Advanced programs include proofing in public (we take your pup on outings to practice everything they've learned). We use outings to help generalize your dog's understanding, AND to prepare them for working with you and thriving with you.

• We build a strong behavioral foundation in any situation and help you with the transition back home by providing a customized, easy-to-follow Go Home protocol.


• Your dog will learn how to play with other dogs politely (if appropriate), and how to ignore other dogs when necessary. They will learn how to focus on YOU! We practice in public and teach them how to focus even around various distractions.


• We offer customized programs to you and your dogs' needs! So length of program may vary. Pricing varies from $2400 to $6500 depending on your needs, your dog's temperament, and your training goals



• One on one coaching here at our facility! We will teach you how to train your dog. 

• We help you and your dog build a strong learning foundation and basic on-leash obedience, and . 

• We personalize the goals and the training exercises and approach to you and your dog.

•We meet once a week, and you get homework to do between sessions.

• 60-90 minute sessions


Lessons are a great way to learn dog training techniques! Results are directly related to how well you do your training at home and following suggested protocols, so prepare to dedicate about 60 minutes per day to training your dog. Also, be prepared to make alterations in your routine and living pattern while they’re learning new skills. This will help your dog achieve the best success possible!




We have a strong ethos regarding training. It rests on the belief that a dog should not simply “obey.” They should listen and be reliable, with joy and enthusiasm! It’s not enough for us that they “do what we say.” Our goal is that every dog we train to absolutely LOVE working with you.


Reliability + joyful demeanor is our standard!



Check out what people are saying about our programs!

"Adrienne and all of her staff at Dog 4 Life are professional. You can tell they are happy doing what they do which makes the training an even more enjoyable experience!
We chose private lessons and are very pleased with the outcome. Tegan, one of Adrienne’s trainers is great and worked wonders with our Luke! All of her staff show the love they have for all the fur babies.
We would highly recommend the Dog 4 Life training experience for anyone!"

--Sonja Palermo

"I love Adrienne’s approach to dog training because she doesn’t aim for a robotically obedient dog, but to teach expectations for obedience and create a baseline method of communication between the dog and the owner. Adrienne and her team teach you how to continue to train your dog.

This experience has been an amazing investment in my relationship with Eris. She continues to be the incredibly curious, sweet, and silly girl she always was, but she now has so much more confidence to explore and understand the world around her (which reduces any lingering anxiety). I have a much better understanding about what she needs. We are both so much happier for it....I cannot recommend Adrienne and her team enough!"

--Carey Olney 

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