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What vaccines does my dog need to stay here?
What items should I bring for my dog?
What training program should i choose?
Do you train aggressive dogs?
Do you accommodate diet and medication schedules?

There are many ways to achieve your training goals, and many paths to get there! We will help you choose the program that is best suited for your dog, your lifestyle, and your budget. Give us a call, schedule a phone or on-location consultation (they're free!), and we'll build a unique training plan for you and your dog!

Less is more! Definitely feel free to bring Fido's favorite toy or blanket, but with the understanding that those items may not survive the adventure that is staying with us! 
The main items we recommend you bring include your dog's food (measured out enough for the stay +two extra meals or so), any medications or supplements your dog needs or is accustomed to getting, and his heartworm and anti-parasitic (if his stay will include his usual treatment date). Everything else from bedding to training treats to toys will be provided by us!

We require that all our canine guests be up to date on rabies, bordatella, leptospirosis, heartworm prevention, and flea & tick prevention. Being as we're on our land in the country, we have a lot of little critters and bugs, and we want to rest assured that your dog is fully protected! 
We DO accept titer tests for rabies. 


YES! We will feed your dog according to your instructions. We are knowledgable about allergies, limited ingredient diets, raw only or raw mixed diets, weight loss diets, and more. We will also administer whatever medication or supplements your dog needs according to your veterinarian's prescribed schedule. 


The short answer is yes. "Aggression" is a loaded and often misapplied term. But we will take in any dog that we believe we can help, and whose owners we believe we can help. We know how much stress and anxiety owning a dog with "toothy tendencies" can cause. So give us a call, and tell us your goals for your life with your dog.

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