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We apply learning theory and behavioral science to teach dogs what

we would like them to do, while helping them stop what we want them to stop doing.

We train to a standard of excellence and reliability that will enable you to trust your dog in all sorts of situations, and make it possible for you to include your dog in your daily life as much as you'd like, wherever you are!


We are committed to instilling consistency in your dog's behavior while preserving his unique personality and a happy, enthusiastic demeanor.  

We believe that training a dog only works if the owner feels confident in his/her own skills handling their dog, and is committed to practicing the skills we instill. We place as much importance in the training process on coaching the owner as we do on training the dog.

We believe that the relationship between dog and human

is special, and we work hard to improve relationships and bring

clarity, joy, and calm to the home.


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