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We are SO EXCITED to get to know and work with your pup! 

Below is some important information regarding the drop off procedure:

Our address is


129 Linda Ln
Bastrop, TX 78602

There will be a red cattle gate which will be closed due to dog safety. Give us a call (512.988.8389) when you arrive and we’ll come open it pronto!

When you arrive, keep your dog in the car. We'll come out to greet you and give you guidance on how to bring your dog out to us! Then we may chat with you a bit, but the most important thing is we will take your pup on a walk about the property away from you as soon as possible. We want the drop off to be as low-key and stressless as possible, so we like to take them on a sniffari and let you "sneak" away with them none the wiser. This means get your big farewells done at home if at all possible! 

Please bring more than enough food for your pup's stay. We are very active here, dogs often eat more than they do at home! 


We ask that you bring a good amount of high value treats for your dog. We use their regular food for training, but like to use something very special for especially challenging sessions or for outings in public! If you're not sure what to bring, we recommend a roll of RedBarn, Happy Howie's, OR a bag of Stella and Chewy’s freeze dried raw patties per week of stay.

(If your dog's drop off is very close, we can purchase these for you and send an invoice if that’s easier!)


If you choose Redbarn logs:

If your pup is under 20lbs, we recommend a small roll of RedBarn per week.


If your pup is over 20lbs, we recommend a large roll of RedBarn per week. 


Links to purchase are below:’s%20patties&ref=searchRedirect



Feel free to bring a blanket and/or favorite toy as it can help with the settling-in period. Though we can’t promise it’ll survive the whole journey!



The next step is to take a picture of your dog’s latest vaccination records, and email it to or bring a copy to drop off. Your vet may be able to email records to us directly too!



Lastly, our Facebook Client Group link is below. All training progress videos will be posted here! 


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