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Guided training on your screen, in the comfort of your home!
Fun for the whole family! No prior training required. 

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It's time to get your FUN on!

Tricks, games, puzzles               laughs, stronger bonds, cure to ennui!

Have a blast with your dog as you teach him fun, entertaining tricks that double as mental and physical stimulation for him! The benefits of trick training are endless!

Keep your dog's brain happy by setting him to challenges that test his creative thinking. A mentally satisfied dog is a happy dog!

Build mental and physical stamina through basic canine fitness exercises! 

Strengthen your bond with your dog and build engagement habits that will help you both in all areas of your lives together!

    Time-honored Tricks :  

    Mind-bending Puzzles :

     Canine Concentration:

     Engagement & Focus :


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These programs are designed to be worked through start to finish. Results will vary. Success in any training program relies on the homework being completed by the Pet Owner between lessons, and open lines of communication between the Pet Owner and the Training Organization. If the Pet Owner is experiencing issues or has questions, it is upon the Pet Owner to reach out to the Training Organization for help or clarification. No refunds will be given for non-participation.
Participants will not steal, share, or repurpose any content presented in online forums. This content is owned by Dog 4 Life Training & Behavioral Solutions, and any violation will be prosecuted.

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