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We customize our training and methods for each dog’s temperament and personality—no forcing square pegs into round holes here! We take a very personal and individual approach to each dog’s training experience.


Below is some general information about our puppy programs:

Private Lessons

Board & Train 

We offer two Board and Train programs for puppies: Polished Pup ($3300.00) which is three weeks long, and Power Puppy ($2200.00) which is two weeks long. includes the following:


• All dogs live in a house (not a kennel), and they practice house manners and how to have calm indoor behavior on cue. During their stay, they would train with us, learn to socialize with other dogs (politely) every day, learn to play with humans that challenges them and gives outlet for their drives, and gain all kinds of new skills and obedience training that can be applied in public and in the home. They’ll have a fun, active learning experience here, and will come home LOVING to listen and go on adventures, as well as be able to calm down on cue and exercise impulse control. 


• We build a strong behavioral foundation in any situation, and help you with the transition back home by providing a customized, easy-to-follow Go Home protocol.


• Your dog will learn how to play with other dogs politely (if appropriate), and how to ignore other dogs when necessary. They will learn how to focus on YOU! We practice around other dogs and teach them how to focus even around various distractions.


• We get your puppy on a daily schedule (and potty training!) that transfers easily to your home! We will prepare her for your lifestyle and schedule to maximize continued success after she graduates.


• We prioritize socialization and environmental neutrality (see attached article), confidence building, teaching puppies how to think creatively, and how to LOVE obedience games and engagement with their humans above all else.


• We prepare them for real-world pressures and surprises, and pave the way for fantastic adult obedience. 


• This program includes two private lessons to help you learn the protocols, troubleshoot, and stay on track, training gear, a done-for-you puppy schedule (customized to your lifestyle!), and eligibility to board your pup here should you need to go out of town. 


• This program also includes:

- a video library with instructions, references, examples, and help

- two on-site Private Lessons to help handlers learn the protocols, troubleshoot, and stay on track

- a comprehensive written handout

- a customized Go Home protocol to help in smoothly transferring all his new skills back to the home setting

*** The Polished Pup program achieves a great foundation for your pup! and the Power Puppy program builds on the Polished Pup plus gives your puppy more time to learn good environmentals and socialization skills, as well as hone in their new structure and habit-building protocols!

We offer a Private Lesson Package, at $1600.00 it includes the following:

• We focus on engagement, obedience foundations, environmental neutrality, confidence and resilience, building good habits, crate and potty training, and more!

• The package includes eight lessons, we meet once a week here at our facility, and you get simple, step-by-step homework to do between sessions. We also customize and strategize your puppy's learning and structure to fit your lifestyle!

• 45-60 minute sessions (longer in the beginning, and shorter as things get rolling).

• Some training gear included, and a "Puppy Shopping List" for you to browse on your own, with many of our favorite puppy-raising and training items included!


Lessons are a great way to learn dog training techniques! Results are directly related to how well you do your training at home and following suggested protocols, so prepare to dedicate about 60 minutes per day to training your dog. Also, be prepared to make alterations in your routine and living pattern while they’re learning new skills. This will help your dog achieve the best success possible!

We are proud to offer financing through LendingUSA. It is an excellent and personable company that is able to offer clients plans to help make your investment in your dog's training as smooth and easy as possible! If you'd like more information on this option, just let us know and we'd be happy to go over it with you.

Fincancing Available!

After the program, we offer lifelong support via the Graduate Club, which includes the online portal and two group classes each month, for $79/month per dog (cancel anytime). Graduate Club provides help and support, it is an ongoing resource for all your questions, and in person coaching for you. We also learn tricks, agility, and other skills that will enrich your dog and be a lot of fun for you both! We know that the HUMAN is the key to a dog’s long-term excellence!


We have a strong ethos regarding training. It rests on the belief that a dog should not simply “obey.” They should listen and be reliable, with joy and enthusiasm! It’s not enough for us that they “do what we say.” Our goal is that every dog we train to absolutely LOVE working with you.


Reliability + joyful demeanor is our standard.

Koa the 11 wk old Cane Corso

Nico the 12 wk old Lagatto Romagnolo

Riot the 9 wk old Belgian Malinois

Luna the 9 wk old Frenchie

Bella the 15 wk old Corgi mix

Ranger the 11 wk old Jack Russel

Ellie the 12 wk old Labrador Retriever

Below are some videos to show how we work with the puppies and the types of results you can expect! Every puppy is unique, but we love that about them and train accordingly! The high level of coaching you'll receive with our programs gives you the tools and strategies that will enable you to build on all of your puppy's new skills!

Videos and Results

Goose the 14 wk old Goldendoodle

Mr Bailey the 11 wk old Sheepadoodle

Ember the 13 wk old Cane Corso

Roger the 10 wk old Goldendoodle

Hank the 12 wk old Bloodhound

Dot the 15 wk old Belgian Malinois

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