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We help you LOSE the frustration with your dog and bring the HAPPINESS!

Are you struggling and need help right away?

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A focused, well-mannered family member 


No-worries walks, without pulling or barking

Improved quality of life and peace of mind

We work with people having issues like these with their dogs, every single day

Walks are stressful.   
My dog is pulling me down the street, barks likes crazy at dogs and people, and I’m worried that eventually someone will get hurt.

​My dog jumps on guests. I can't have the kids' friends over, because he knocks them down.

My dog is just CRAZY ! It's too embarrassing to take him out in public because he doesn't have ANY manners.

I've gotten him training before.  It didn't work, and I don't know what else to do.

He's scared. Of everything. I can't take him anywhere, and I can't leave him home alone. 

He won't come back when called. Runs off and won’t come back and I’m worried they’ll get hit by a car or worse.


He just needs some basic manners and training so we can live the BEST LIFE EVER together.

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"We sent our brand new 8 week old puppy to her for a two week puppy boot camp, intro to obedience, and it was the BEST thing we could have done for our family and the pup. We are working with her to groom a well mannered and obedient dog and we plan on sending him back when he's older! Adrienne's skill level and expertise is top notch and I knew my puppy was in great hands with her. Highly, highly recommend!"

Becky Kessel  ... Winston, doodle, 9 weeks old

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A dog that not only listens well, but also LOVES the training process and has a great experience in training.

Confidence that your dog is receiving superb care and attention, and excellent communication from us. 

The coaching and support you need to be the best for your dog, and to be able to get life-long results.


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We are a veteran owned and operated company.
We hold the HIGHEST standard of care for the dogs.
We have the lowest dog-to-staff ratio among dog training facilities (so your dog gets TONS of attention!).
We are experienced, certified, and actively pursue further education for ourselves to benefit your dog. 
Dog training is not just a job to us. We participate in sports and activities with our own dogs regularly. 
We have been where you are, and we have experienced your struggles... we can help you!
We operate on six gorgeous acres just outside Austin, so you and your dog have tons of space to learn and play while working with us.
You will receive the BEST coaching and dog training available in Central Texas!

As featured in...

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We can do the time-consuming, foundation-building work for you , so that your dog has a set of solid skills you can rely on!

We understand how to reach your dog's mind! Change happens in the way your dog thinks, not just the commands he knows.

We know how to MOTIVATE your dog! We believe your dog's demeanor is just as important as how well he listens.

We SOLVE PROBLEMS. We have experience with all manner of issues, struggles, and behavioral problems. 

We don't leave you hanging... We spend time coaching you and providing you with resources and support so that you can be successful! We are the last dog trainer you will ever need.





Fill out our form below, click one of the buttons to call us, or message us so we know how best to help you!


We will call you, or text if you prefer, and discuss how we can customize a training program for you and your dog that will help you reach all of your goals.

We will help you and your dog communicate better and build skills so that you can live your best life together!



Board and Train programs - these advanced, in-depth, and immersive programs are available for dogs of all ages! Board and Train programs are holistic and transformative. Personal one-on-one coaching and support included! Send your dog to get their "Ivy League" education at their own personal country resort.


Private Lesson and Hybrid programs - help you get the one-on-one coaching you need, personalized for you and your dog! Learn everything from obedience skills to nutrition and exercise solutions for your dog, and benefit from having a personal guide. Hybrid programs include a short-term Board and Train for skills-honing!


In-Home Private Lessons programs - we come to you! The ultimate personalized coaching that takes place in your dog's home environment. Great for busy schedules, as well as unique cases such as high anxiety or multiple dog issues.

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"Adrienne is THE BEST! She truly cares about the dog's needs and does what's best for them! I love how she's straightforward and tells us what we need to do for our dogs to have a happy and successful life. 

I had a reactive dog that came for a board and train, and when he came home we had homework on what we needed to work on, and a dog that knew his basic obedience, was very happy to work, and came back home knowing how to pay attention to his human and tune out the rest of the world.

Adrienne doesn't throw you out into the world not knowing what's going on, she teaches you so that you can keep up the training and succeed! We drove two hours for this training, and we will continue to come back even when we move."

Emily Berglund ... Zeus, German Shepherd, 2 years old


Come Train with Us!


"Had we known about Dog 4 Life when we first adopted our rescue we would have saved a lot of money, time, and misery. We went through three different highly-recommended and highly-rated trainers/organizations... one trainer spent 30 minutes watching our dog and told us that we should consider surrendering or putting him down because it was likely he would hurt another dog.

At wit's end, I called our rescue organization to surrender him, and Dog 4 Life was recommended to us as trainers that handle "tough dogs." They know exactly what they are doing, what they are dealing with, and how to deal with it. They genuinely want to make it work! They are not a one and done company. Dog 4 Life wants you and your dog to succeed. They are available to answer questions and coach us through issues. After the training was completed, Adrienne did hands-on training with our family for 3-4 hours. I cannot say anything negative about Dog 4 Life!

Casey Harrison ... Buck, lab mix, 4 yrs

Odie 3.jpg

"We did the puppy training. He's miles ahead of where we expected, and it really helped us get off on the right foot. Adrienne gave us a folder of materials that help us continue his training as he grows into new things. She was enthusiastic, caring, and very flexible. Plus, our puppy clearly loved her!"

Chase Hamilton... Brodie, dachshund mix, 9 wks old

Odie .jpg
Dom and Athena.jpg

"Adrienne is a professional, expert, AND educator in her field. I brought my 2.5 yr old German Shepherd for a four week board and train with Adrienne at a friend's recommendation. When it came to being outside, I was the last thing on Athena's mind. She was extremely playful with other dogs and knew no boundaries/respect for handler when another dog was nearby. This was dangerous at times. Athena also lacked motivation outside--no treat was good enough for her attention. Having her spend time with Adrienne truly turned things around for our relationship! I get stopped constantly with compliments on her obedience and how good she is being. Athena is the same dog, just in control of her impulses rather than being a slave to them! I can bring Athena literally anywhere (parks, houses, open water, coffee shops, restaurants) or let anyone over and know she'll be a good girl. Adrienne provided me the right education so that I could keep up the good work with Athena. She's the best and worth any drive (3.5 hours for me!). I trust Dog 4 Life training with my dog's life and look forward to our continuing relationship!"

Dominique Martinez ... Athena, German Shepherd, 2.5 years old

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