You adore your dog! He's the sweetest ever. Loves to cuddle. Does hilarious things that make you laugh all the time.  BUT.  You need some help.


He's CRAZY !  You can't take him out in public. 

Walks are stressful.   He pulls or is reactive.

He won't come back when called.

He's destroying things in the house.

​He jumps on guests. 

He barks at the door.  

He's scared. Of everything. 


He just needs some basic manners and training so you can live the BEST LIFE EVER together.

Are you struggling and need help right away? Click here to send me your info so I can get back to you ASAP!

Do you have a puppy and are looking for puppy training? 

I have a TON of puppy-specific training options!


You can have calm, peaceful walks. You can include your dog in activities and outings. You can live in a more harmonious home, without destruction and free of separation anxiety. You can have a polite dog when guests come over. You can have it ALL!


Get personalized coaching, and an individualized training program for your dog, and follow-up support that will help you find the success you're looking for! 


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"We sent our brand new 8 week old puppy to her for a two week puppy boot camp, intro to obedience, and it was the BEST thing we could have done for our family and the pup. We are working with her to groom a well mannered and obedient dog and we plan on sending him back when he's older! Adrienne's skill level and expertise is top notch and I knew my puppy was in great hands with her. Highly, highly recommend!"

Becky Kessel  ... Winston, doodle, 9 weeks old


"I've worked with Adrienne since I first adopted my pup. At first we did one-on-one lessons which provided me with a foundation to work with my dog on my own. I also sent my pup there for two weeks to work on strengthening some of her obedience training. She came back having accomplished all of the goals we set out for her! She's doing so well back at home. I have people ask me all the time how she is so well trained, and I recommend Dog 4 Life every time. My favorite part is that Adrienne has taught me how to make training fun for me and my dog, and my dog is happy to do it! Adrienne is a genius with dogs, and a lot of fun to work with!"

Caroline Dill ... June Bug, corgi mix, 2 years old


Dog 4 Life's mission is to bring harmony where there was chaos, and connection where there was conflict.


We facilitate resilient relationships between dogs and humans that are based on mutual trust and understanding.

We don't merely want to train your dog

(though it's really fun!)...

we teach YOU how to train your dog and build an amazing life with them that you might never

have  thought was possible.

"We sent our new puppy to Adrienne for three weeks of board and train. He came home happy and well adjusted; knowing sit, down, and here; introduced to loose leash walking; sleeping peacefully in his crate all night long; on a potty schedule; and eager to learn and train with us.

During the process Adrienne shared live videos of her working with our puppy. She sent us home with clearly written instruction materials. I asked my husband if, were we to adopt a new puppy in the future, would he spring for the board and train with Adrienne. He said HE!! YES. I quite agree."

Amy Gelfand ... Mochi, terrier mix, 11 weeks old




Puppy training is an investment in creating the best dog you've ever owned, and laying the foundation for your puppy while he's young. Getting your puppy started off right is a huge step in avoiding behavior problems in the future. 
Designed for puppies 5 months old or younger, this program covers everything from potty training, to the basics of home manners and obedience. Teaching a puppy early makes a big difference in how he's going to be when he's older, and paves the way for a well-balanced, reliable, and fun companion you'll enjoy sharing life with. Plus, you will circumvent common difficulties that often come along with raising a young dog!

This is a very flexible program. Reach out for more info!



Stay and Train is by far our most popular training program. It is ideal for a busy lifestyle and is a great way to get results quickly! Send your dog to us, and we will instill the reliable obedience that makes living with a well-balanced dog such a joy! 

From basic manners and obedience, to advanced off-leash reliability, we can meet your training goals! After your dog has learned all the skills and has practiced them in real-world situations, you will receive coaching that will enable you to implement all your dog has learned at home. Your dog will also be eligible for boarding and refresher training options. Stay and Train programs are personalized to each and every dog. Contact us to find out how we can help you and your dog!





Online group classes are very in vogue this year, since strict social isolation has become the newest status symbol. Stay home and train your dog! 

These fun, interactive courses include instructional videos, personalized guidance, Live Q&As, and a connected, engaged atmosphere. From home manners, to puppy-raising, to fun stuff to do with the dog (and the kids!), there's a class for you. 
It doesn't matter where you live, we can meet online!                               




Private lessons are a great way to learn how to train your dog! At each lesson, you will learn techniques and strategies that you will be able to use forever. 

Taking place either at your home, or on our property, private lessons are coaching sessions in working toward your training goals and solving problems you are having. With support and guidance, private lessons allow you to build a strong bond and clear communication with your dog, teach your dog reliable obedience skills, and address common behavior issues.

It doesn't matter where you live, we can meet online!                               


 to learn more!





This boarding service is offered to anyone who has had a dog complete a training program with us! Your dog's boarding experience with us will not be like that in a typical kennel facility. Your dog will be out and about, involved in the daily goings-on, and practicing his training and social skills! He will get play time, and training time, keeping him happy and busy during his stay. 

So next time you need to go on vacation, let your dog come hang out someplace familiar where he knows he'll have a ton of fun, and you know he's safe and loved.

not sure which program is best for you?

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